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Recent testimony submitted to the Illinois Commerce Commission raises major concerns about Clean Line Energy Partners, LLC, which is the parent company of both Grain Belt Express and Rock Island “Clean” Line. You can see highlights and links on the Block RICL: Rock Island “Clean” Line Facebook page. Go to and click on the Facebook button to read the posts.


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BlockGBE is a grass-roots network of local farmers, landowners, and concerned citizens working to protect the most precious nonrenewable commodity, our private land!


Grain Belt Express is a proposed 700 mile overhead high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power line through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. The parent company, Clean Line Energy, is proposing to build 3 other similar projects- one of which is Rock Island Clean Line.


Grain Belt Express is not any part of any coordinated or comprehensive transmission development plan. Clean Line would like us to believe that these lines would carry only renewable energy. That is highly unlikely as, per the Federal Energy Regulator Commission (FERC), cannot be restricted to just wind energy and potentially carry ALL kinds of power- including coal and gas generated.




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